DANGER! Lifestyle Inflation!

What's up everybody! For those who do not know me - I am Mr.FN. I am new to the blogging game and enjoying it immensely. For me, it's a new creative outlet (guitar, singing, and bass being my others).┬áIt's something I've thought about for a little while now, and am extremely glad I took the … Continue reading DANGER! Lifestyle Inflation!

What Does Frugal Mean?

Frugal may mean a lot of different things to a variety of people. For those living the "average" life, you might think... "Frugal? Isn't that just another word for poor? Why would I live like that if I'm making all this money!" Let's start with a basic definition, courtesy of http://www.dictionary.com: Sparing or economical with … Continue reading What Does Frugal Mean?