Study Up On: Wealth Factors

A little while ago, my Dad sent me an interesting read on Business Insider discussing wealth factors. Read more here. The article discusses survey results of 600 American millionaires. I'm not aware of how the survey result data were collected, filtered, and cleaned, but they state they found 6 common factors among the millionaires which, … Continue reading Study Up On: Wealth Factors

Study Up On: Building Wealth

Last week I talked about how I'm starting a new job. I was only at my current job for about 8 months before providing my notice, so I wanted to give at least 3 weeks notice for proper transition of projects and give them a bit of time to fire up the ol'hiring process. The … Continue reading Study Up On: Building Wealth

Human Capital VS Financial Capital

An important concept in building ones' wealth is capital. In today's world, you need some dough to carry out an existence, unless you're totally self-sustainable which is awesome from an environmental/frugal standpoint. But for most of us mere mortals, even those living the most extremely frugalicious lives, you need some money to cover basic expenses. … Continue reading Human Capital VS Financial Capital