Booked: Mastering the Market Cycle

A little while ago, I read a book by the title of "Mastering the Market Cycle" written by Howard Marks. Howard Marks is an investor and writer, who began his career at Citibank. Eventually, he'd start up his own Capital Management firm, Oaktree Capital Management. Interestingly, Oaktree focuses on what's known as Distressed Securities, and … Continue reading Booked: Mastering the Market Cycle

Booked: Get Rich With Dividends

I read another book! Yay! Well...this was awhile ago, but figured I'd give it a review as I particularly liked the concept. (And make it look like I'm keeping up with my goal of reading more). What am I reviewing? Get Rich With Dividends by Marc Lichtenfeld. A colleague and friend of mine recommended it … Continue reading Booked: Get Rich With Dividends