Wedding Recap!

Well it finally happened – Mrs FN and I tied the knot this past May! All went well and we had beautiful weather. Family and friends arrived safely and in good health. We had no shortage of drinks or great food.

As we did not want any physical items, we had kindly requested to receive cash only. While a handful of guests opted to provide physical items, the vast majority of our 80+ guests obliged.

The goal of course, was to reduce our net cost on the Wedding. We’d spent a fair chunk of change, but if we could have our guests effectively subsidize their ticket to the show, we would be happy.

The Objective: Have a net cost of $20,000 or less for the Wedding.

It’s a big chunk of change. If we had put that to work at 5% real returns over 15 years to our FI target, that would’ve been $41,500. So it was a challenging but conscious choice.

Of course, our gross cost before presents was more worrisome. All told, and I include everything in this, we spent $38,000. This is essentially any cost that would not have been borne had we not gotten married (venue, food, drink, dress, rings, photographer, etc.).

Presents totalled approximately $19,000. So our net cost came in at $19,000, which was within our budget!

We didn’t go the DIY route (I’ve got a limited skill set when it comes to arts and crafts, just ask my parents about homemade gifts as a child…), but we were conscious about where we spent money.

We focused on our primary objectives:

  1. Venue to hold all guests comfortably, preferably out of the city;
  2. Good quality and sufficient quantity of food and drink;
  3. Good music to dance and let loose;

We chose our venue outside the city limits that included food and drink – we had been there for a friend’s wedding and found the food and service was excellent. We liked the idea of not needing multiple vendors as well.

We hired a friend of ours to DJ the wedding. Cheaper than some others I had checked out and the quality of the mix and song choice was bang on.

It’s expensive but in hindsight, the day was a really beautiful moment neither of us will ever forget. I am glad we went through with it.

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